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Beyond the Boundaries

How to connect?



Poster presentations, breaks, and informal discussions will be live via the virtual platform.

All the talks will be live via Zoom.

The Zoom calls for the talks can be accessed via the virtual platform. Just enter the seminar room with your virtual 2D avatar, take a seat, and press x.

The virtual platform space is created by the external facilitator Virtual Chair on the platform

More information on the virtual platform that we use can be found here.

For the best user experience, please use a Chrome browser on a computer.

While Firefox is also supported by the platform, Chrome is recommended.

Mobile access is still a beta version and limits functionality.

The conference virtual space will open on the 4th of May (Tuesday) at 9am (UK time).


Please provide the same e-mail address which you provided during registration.

Detailed instructions on how to connect can be found here.

You will be able to create your virtual 2D avatar, and move through the virtual rooms by using the arrows of your keyboard. To interact  with objects on the virtual platform, press x on your keyboard.

Photos of the virtual rooms are displayed hereafter.


The Lobby


The Poster Room


The Plenary Room

The main features are summarised in this picture.

How does it work?
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